Signal Operating Instructions (SOI) For The Tactical Environment

A great example of writing the Signals Operating Index by an expert in the field. Read and Heed folks.


This article deals with another aspect of the communicate portion of the often used term “SHOOT, MOVE, and COMMUNICATE.” While most of us tend to use that term in reference to the three most important requirements while engaged in a fire fight, or as my Team Daddy used to call it “Hookin’ and Jabbin with the bad guys” (he was inclined to sudden, exceptional levels of violence on the personal level), the term has a much broader connotation.

The word “communicate” has relevance in all aspects of planning and execution of tactical operations. You must effectively communicate with all members of your organization while planning and during the execution of an operation. The communication aspect impacts all members of your organization; whether it is the folks manning the base station radio back at home, the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) you’ve established to deal with emergencies both inside and outside of…

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