Battle on Snoeshoes



Robert Rogers’ Legendary Break Contact- 1757

On 21 JAN 1757, Rogers’ Rangers on a recon patrol(referred to as a “scout” by Rogers) found themselves ambushed by 250 French Infantry and their allied Indian tribes, countered the ambush and broke contact.

Rogers’ men were badly outnumbered and taken by surprise; the French muskets misfired due to wet powder and ill-equipped for the weather, the French Infantry found themselves unable to move in the deep snow.

Rogers and his men set a historical precedent in the way Small Units operate- one that is still taught to this day- paying attention to the way the Natives fought and always seeking to improve and refine their equipment and tactics off of it. His Unit was made of hard men forged even harder under his command; never yielding to odds whether in their favor or not, and usually the latter. Find a way to win.

You should be doing the same.

God Bless You, from the woods of North Carolina.


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  2. mtnforge

    You know it. Those guy’s where bad ass woodsmen. There is a sublime memoir and first hand account by one of Rogers Rangers, “Ben Comee A Tale of Roger’s Rangers, 1758-59”, it is actually a tale of Ben’s entire life, and a first hand account of the actions of the Rangers and Ben’s service over his life from the French Indian Wars to the American Revolution. Starts in Lexington Mass when he was a boy. One accounting of a loooong range interdiction of a Canadian tribe, a mind blowing action, Merril’s Marauders didn’t face such hardships. Life and hardships itself most of us couldn’t imagine having to live on a hourly basis. Phenomenal book. Nothing I have read comes close to this accounting.

    You want to know how to fight Guerrilla style, these guys wrote the book.

    It is a free Kindle download.


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    Think running a NPT security patrol in warm weather is daunting? Try it in winter….in deep snow…with snow shoes. It’s a whole ‘nother thing. When one lives in an area that has very cold temperatures and the potential for deep accumulated snow, learning to snow shoe is as essential as learning knots, building fires, shelters, and marksmanship…..


    1. Got that right. There is a way to live in that cold, and it is actually quite comfortable in relative terms, it is much a mental acclamation to the environment as it is anything. It is a slow motion game too, of moving enough to keep your inner furnace going but not over heating. Lot of the muscle between the ears involved, and fat, lots of rich fat intake and clean cool water. Setting up a proper patrol bases with a good shelter between reconnoitering gives you a big edge.
      It just consumes such a great quantity of energy to keep the old furnace running high enough to keep you warm, once you get behind it is very difficult to get ahead again. You can ride the edge of cold, but you got to take super care to stay ahead. From my own experience it is that acclamation of mind and body to the cold and how to cope with it which makes operating in it possible. Hard to define. You got to be a rugged thinking and acting individual.

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