Current AmRRON Communications Network Condition Level Increased

Might be nothing, might be something.

If there’s any doubt, there is no doubt.

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Track the KMW3 Satellite in real time at


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5 thoughts on “Current AmRRON Communications Network Condition Level Increased

  1. An interesting aspect to the polar orbit the Norks placed that satellite in is it is a very high fuel consuming insertion. Weight is everything to your launch profile. Every added pound to gross launch weight requires more fuel to get to an orbit, including the fuel. And you still need fuel to maintain an orbit. It is expensive to put it mildly. In year 2000 dollars a near earth satellite orbital insertion costs around 4 billion for a Cape Kennedy launch. Why would the Norks be putting a satellite into a polar orbit with an unknown purpose and or payload, which happens to pass over the approximate geographical center of North America?
    Political prestige?
    Flipping somebody the bird?
    For the fun of it?
    Spy satelite?
    Comm sat?
    A threat of some kind?
    A weapon of some sort?
    Kind of difficult to trust those Norks intentions. They have some rather different views on things.


      1. Something to do with the goings on over the Spratly’s maybe?
        Those guys don’t have BUFF’s to buzz the edge of a border with.
        Inscrutable Asian minds.

        Not for nothing, simple orbital mechanics to drop a basic no fuss fission device from that orbit. Just about the perfect altitude for an EMP. No reentry parabola for countermeasures to be employed. No need to mess with ballistic delivery.
        Maybe they got a little MAD “diplomacy” going?
        I think the maniacs running things are out of their freakin’ minds and this has everything to do with it in some way. Besides, The Bible never lies.

        Some interesting information on the known effects from high and low altitude tests, below 4,000 meters and above 30,000 create the greatest effects, a number of observations how comms are effected worth reading also. Pretty extensive archive on history and effects of nuclear devices:

        Section 5.0 Effects of Nuclear Explosions


      2. I think it has more to do with “testing the waters”. They’re seeing what they can get away with and seeing how the West reacts.

        China can do it without doing it.


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