Ukrainian comms between infantry and artillery

I believe you misunderstand me, my Eastern Brother. I don’t mean in my commentary on the topic that this is how communications should be done, but rather how they are being done.

In that, my counterparts here need to observe these shortcomings closely, understand them, and rectify them now before they begin to cost lives.

Your links and commentary are fantastic, and give an insight into the conflict virtually unavailable elsewhere in the West.

Ironbound Concepts

It becomes less funny, more boring and unbelievably stupid. So I totally disagree with Ncscout in the point, that Donbass conflict is an example of how real doings is done. It’s an example of how absurdly war can be fight – and still provide some KIA boxes.

Important remark: in the current post-USSR lexis, ‘volunteer’ is civil activist, non-combatant, providing logistic (and social) support for poor-supplied armed forces. Those forces can be army units (also marine. airborne and so on), national guard units, Interior Ministry (police, not patrolmen, but army-like) units, and – volunteer combat units, later attached to army and police, but previously relatively independent, that fact allowed speculations about private armies etc.

gifts to the war - toys and body bags (Diana Makarova fund) gifts to the war – toys and body bags (Diana Makarova fund)

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…near Debaltsevo calls for artillery support come through one civil volunteer, inter alia:

Of special note is quite surprising form…

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