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I’ll give you three guesses but you only need one. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the religion of peace, especially among a certain crowd.

But it has everything to do with your rights to be armed. Grand Mufti Sheik Obama, National Administrator, said so. Nevermind he’s their chief supporter and agitator.


Let’s go over some things. First, despite the media hyperbole, they’re not “snipers” nor “well trained”, they were simply armed with a few long guns and some ancillary gear. In fact, from watching the video of the shooter, he wasn’t particularly well disciplined or trained, at least from a former Infantry NCO’s opinion, but what would I know. Had he been, the body count would have been higher. What it appears to be to me is a riled up black muslim influenced and empowered by rhetoric from a president hell-bent on destroying the nation, going through the motions in a “well I guess this is what I do next” fashion upon first contact, much like a Cherry Joe in his first fire fight.

And while I usually decline to prescribe to conspiracy theory in favor of what I can prove, recognize a couple of factors-

  1. The media has sought any and every distraction from Clinton, thus coverage of blacks getting shot, a sure fire distraction. Remember the kid getting eaten by the alligator after Orlando? Yep, same deal. Gotta seize the narrative. We don’t want coverage of Comey’s lies getting called out in Congress.
  2. They picked the reddest state that’s currently in a battle to turn blue. If you’re in Texas you know this; the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail in the cities to turn it into another California. Change how firearms are viewed, you’ll work towards that goal.

Get your stuff straight, they’re going full steam ahead.


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      1. Cui Bono, oh ya, from many directions. Makes the assessment of the good the bad and the ugly from each other a complicated situation.

        Family-Tribe-AO-Local-Good Comms, it is the only way to be sure.

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    1. They only thing they’re well trained in is the exploitation factor, the final phase of the 7-step insurgent planning cycle, which incidentally also is the “R” in CARVER, standing for recognizably.

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  1. Mike Bishop

    My immediate reaction was this is not something you see CONUS.

    This is third-world hellhole style shit.

    Symptomatic of, “Shit Just Ain’t Right.”

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      1. Mike Bishop

        Fundamental Transformation: Complete

        This place is, willfully I might add, rapidly trading a Republic of the Constitutional variety, for a Republic of the Banana variety.

        We’re in BIG trouble, folks.

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  2. Somebody got caught flat footed with which the speed of the hearings on Comey where convened. Took a day or so for people and logistics for a crisis as a means to be set up. Just because no good crisis won’t be wasted, it still takes time to get your assets and method actor ducks in a row.
    I’ll go out on a limb and say, akin to some other crisis as a means events, never mind just too pat aligned perfectly and conveniently to the agenda/narrative, how do I as joe dirt guy verify the veracity of people and what has supposedly happened to them. To me it is the right question to ask. Take Newtown and Aroura. Everything about those events scream false flag.
    It’s not conspiracy theory I’m refering to. Something is deeply smelly in Denmark. Cops find this kid wandering around the theater parking lot with a backpack, doesn’t know who he is or where he is, turns out he is “the shooter”, the radio transcripts from the Denver cops discussing this kid and other witnesses and who they should apprehend conflict on a high order what is later the regime narrative, the radio transcripts are confiscated by feds immediately upon their miraculous arrival on scene, who just happen to be in the area, multiple witnesses state there where three males, all dressed as the boy cops first find in a daze in the parking lot, all three have backpacks, feds make statements people confused about what they witnessed.
    And how does this confused boy get his hands on the arsenal of weapons “found” in his apartment. Belt feds, high grade combat arms, more ammo than a platoon in combat status? Not for nothing, just procuring that level of materiel, never mind having the funds, is not the bailiwick of a kid like this.
    How about Newtown, never mind the revision of reality the shooter used an AR when he had his mom’s pistol.
    Lets see, not a pic from the shooting ever is seen, the “parents” all to a man are obvious method actors, they might as well be goose stepping to the theme song of organizing for Amerika with their party lines in the press releases.

    But my point here is the devil is not in the details. The devil is in the dog that doesn’t bark. By that I’m saying, and I’m using myself as the benchmark, my better than half century of life experience, something crucial is false. Things don’t add up, it’s like common core logic for culture. The human terrain is always on top. So, using that axiom, applying it to my human terrain in good basic reconnoiter of the AO, I see something missing, it’s is so obvious it hides in plain sight.

    I look back and see a pattern. I think you need at least the span of time my years afford me to dope it out, along with some grasp of how marxists operate. Nothing less you miss the crux of what is going on.

    Quite frankly and with sincere honesty as far as I can tell, false flags and crisis as a means is far far far more common and employed by this government than most of us even have an inkling of. In fact I have thought for many years, false flagging is become an integral part and function of a very large segment of managerial operations within the federal hierarchy, and that the remainder of the federal apparatus is subsumed into support of this.

    See, something about this Republic is important to grasp, it is not just very large geographically, but larger in culture, motive power, intrinsic wealth and industriousness, it’s potential, latent or otherwise, it natural resources and its natural range of the kind and quality, and quantity, is on a scale magnitudes of order higher than anything in human history. In at least that way we are a blessed nation. It takes an entity the size of the federal government to bring this culture down, to destroy this culture, our freedom and liberty, to literally rob us of our inherent prosperity and wealth, to manipulate and drive this country into places it naturally would never venture, nothing else could accomplish it.

    And that is the thing. I believe about the time JFK was assassinated, you begin to see things that just don’t jive with our culture, they are too pat, they have this phony manufactured feel to them. Like where the fuck did that come from? They are too convenient, and you begin to see and hear, voices in the media who all of a sudden are in lockstep to these memes and narratives like it has always been this way, and your an idiot if you disagree. Disagree? What does that have to do with this shit happening?
    Cultures long established, with the incredible prosperity, the peace and serenity, traditions and common thought of the common people we had, don’t turn on a dime, they don’t all of a sudden one day wake up and literally toss this life in the dumpster.

    So watching this crap go down over 50 years of cognitive intuition, it begins to dawn on you nothing is as it seems, so much so, you at times doubt your own veracity and grasp of reality. And then it begins to become evident, the patterns, they are cheesy, like a cheap suit. You see these crisis as a means and false flags and some are quite frankly really poorly executed, some are so obviously commie agitprop in character you chuckle, some are a true cluster fuck of government incompetence, and all along what saves them is the 5th column, the media, the intelligentsia, and just gross thuggery and cold nasty power of the leviathan.

    You think back through the events, and things really begin to get ugly in a different way, the character of the events take on a new timber. The clinton regime. They show up, and things become bloody, really brutal. Stuff of psychopaths and megalomaniacs. Oklahoma, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Fast & Furious, 911, Libya, Benghazi, all sorts of people begin to die who have connections to the Clintons, or who dare defy them, or who represent existential political and corruption risk to them. Their demise is always of questionable circumstances. And people begin to be persecuted under a myriad of specious “laws” and regulations.

    The thing is, after President Reagan, I think some ones understood never again would such a figure be a leader in this country, that no one would ever, no matter what it took, be permitted to inspire and empower the dirt people. It was that way I think too with JFK, these two leaders inspired an entire nation of people to reach down within themselves and achieve the unachievable. And you can not destroy this Republic when the dirt people are so moved and enlightened to their happiness and prosperity.

    And that my friends is what this federal government purpose is now, it has been cunningly suborned in critical places and ways by actors and operatives in order to usurp its nascent power and corrupt that power for a specific purpose, to unbalance that equation of happiness and prosperity, to strip mine it of its wealth, down past its seed corn. It is literally it’s job to destroy us.

    There are no unrelated unintended randomly convenient circumstances in the turmoil of cultural and political, and economic events today.

    The character of the people of this nation, we as natural born American’s, for all our warts and foibles, we do not do these things going down. It takes somebody and something with ulterior motives and intents nudging and manipulating malleable and vulnerable American’s, it takes people who have truly evil hearts and souls, and minds. Just as it is hearts and minds that win liberty.

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  3. mtnforge

    I’ve always figured the Declaration of Martial Law will be the last gesture of constitutional government. No joke. It has been in the cards from the beginning of the current regime, it’s leader having broach the subject very early in his reign. Wether it was a backup plan, a last resort, or part of plan A, thats difficult to figure.
    One thing he does is telegraph, “messaging” or as the minions like to put it speak “truth to power.” Actually he almost never lies, he dissimulates, in a left handed fashion of telling you the truth. Like fundamental transformation. That was a beauty. Or the one about the bitter clingers, their traditions, guns, and bibles. The one about a civilian defense force, just as strong just as well equipped as the military was the cherry on top.

    For the last year or so, it’s sure been looking like all one big crisis as a means to declaring Martial Law. Where else is this heading with these idiots running the show? Instigate enough armed violent turmoil where you can come in and say we are here to save America from itself. It’s FEMA rules writ large.

    You know they can’t let just anyone be president. The whole system has been corrupted to such a degree there is no disguising it or hiding it, it’s totally infested, and invested in being the largest marxist/musloid organized crime syndicate imaginable.

    How else do you stop an election in a republic of rule of law using the illusion of legitimacy and employing a fig leaf of legality…you declare Martial Law. It is on the books, once declared, the president can legally rescind all checks and balances, the executive branch takes over all duties, and Martial Law is only rescinded at his pleasure. It’s right in the USC.

    But it gets better, the feds have been basically running in Martial Law mode for quite sometime. I’d say it is pre-positioned functionality in advent of ML.

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