Additional Resources for Field Antennas

FM 23-10 Chapter 7

Also recommended- FM 7-93

USMC Field Antenna Handbook


5 thoughts on “Additional Resources for Field Antennas

  1. dangero

    Nice write up. I love NVIS on 40m, last weekend a buddy and I activated a National Park On The Air (NPOTA). Propitiation like most days as of late was crap but I was making great contacts out to about 375 miles until about 11pm when 40m started getting to noisy. He was running a 20m vertical at the same time and talking coast to coast (from Ohio). We hit a few guys in the same town on ground wave too which was pretty cool to see in practice. Like you said, nothing makes up for just getting out there and doing it. Unrelated to this article but it was my first time being on the other side of the pileup, my 5% transmit, 95% recieve was flipped upside down with me being finger down on the mic nearly nonstop and I was shocked at how quickly I ran through my batteries at 100 watts.

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