EARC-HI End Feds Back In Stock-


A birdy dropped a message this morning that the EARC-HI antennas are back in stock and ready to ship. The demand there for a while was beyond the means of production, but they’re caught up.

This is my go-to for an inexpensive, easily modifiable, rapidly deployable, effective antenna. Check out my review, then consider picking up one.

You’ll be glad you did.


8 thoughts on “EARC-HI End Feds Back In Stock-

    1. You’d need to put it on an antenna analyzer for sure, but the 1/4 wave resonant length (1/2 of a dipole) should do the trick.

      I should add that there’s a second terminal to hook up a counterpoise to the balun, so you can also turn it into a conventional or Off-center-fed dipole if you want.


  1. .weston.pecos.

    One of those questions to which I should probably already know the answer:
    For HF, does polarization of the antenna matter? In other words if I run this up vertically into a tree, would that make communication on HF (e.g., 40 meters, 20 meters, 18 meters) difficult with someone else who is using a horizontally oriented dipole? What about 10 meters USB if the other party has a horizontally oriented dipole?

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    1. It does matter, but it’s not black and white on HF. To keep it from getting confusing, over longer distances (beyond line of sight) you may see a certain Db difference but not nearly as drastic as what you would on VHF or UHF.

      HF polarization has much more to do with takeoff angles for desired skip effects. A vertical with several ground radials gives a low angle, so you’ll get the max distance but large skip zones especially on 10m.


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