Asique Hada, Tla Yigoliga


The Deplorable Savages appear to have bested the machine. Good.

Now the real work begins.

As you bask in the victory, well deserved, allow me to throw cold water on the party. First, while the national election went one way, your local elections may have went another. If you don’t know or aren’t aware, that’s a problem. Second, hold their feet to the fire. They are servants- they work for you, remind them of this fact. Corruption is hard to exist when hounded at every turn. Third, VOTING MATTERS. All of the naysayers have been proven (at least at face value) wrong. This election was not in any way shape or form beneficial to the elite aside from ensuring domestic chaos- which brings me to my next point- Keep your eyes on the ball. Power does not abdicate willingly and we are not magically going to defy nature.

And remember the defeatists and those who abdicated to the opposition.



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  1. Mike Bishop

    11/09/2016: The Day of (Metaphorical) Rope

    And yeah, absolutely everything you just said.

    What chills me to the bone, is that three VERY red counties in my locale flipped for the Cunt.

    If that’s not sobering, I don’t know what is. Time to consider relocating outta hostile territory. That was incredibly unprecedented.

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    1. That happened here in NC too- I attribute it DIRECTLY to carpetbagging retirees and ‘out of towners’ moving to the rural areas more permanently.

      There’s a ‘rural revolution’ going on with the hard Left borne from the 60s and 70s neo-Waldens that almost nobody has paid attention to. The breakup of family farms for the bedroom community is an indicator as well.

      So while we gained a victory in short term, we’re far, far out from where we need to be.


      1. Mike Bishop

        We are far from out of the weeds. And my above gallows humor aside, this was bound to happen with the seething amongst the Country Mice. This was “Le Peaceful Resistance” before Jane and Joe Sixpack G’d up and started going full “À la lanterne!”

        I’m shooting from the hip, but unlike Bush II drawing the wrath of the Cultural Marxists, I sincerely think this time, they’re going to go after all of us. It’s already started, but a Trump victory will be shaped by the left to mean we’re all a bunch of hardcore, bigoted, bloodthirsty Zombie Nazis from Mars.

        This might even play out to further radicalize the left, if that can even be imagined for us civilized, domesticated, modern humans.

        I’d like to think that cooler heads will ultimately prevail, and a rising tide lifts all boats and all that; however, I do have some concerns that this will have a counter-pendulum swing in the near future, unless Trump can unite the shit out of the fragmented, disjointed, Conquered-and-Divided massed.

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      2. No doubt it will.

        When I wrote my (mostly) ignored ad-hominem attack on Libertarianism and the lame ducks cited as their contemporary philosophers, I stated the best case for the Liberty Movement is going for broke- get Trump in office and force the Left to tip their hand.

        They fire first and they lose the moral high ground. In addition the media and the traditional institutions of thought have lost all shreds of credibility. We’re winning the fight and we’ll continue to win, with stronger social capital in the process.

        Trump has no intention of uniting- the facts of the Clinton scandals are out in the open and cannot be let go if he wishes to maintain legitimacy. He must prosecute to the case, and in doing so, will push the Left over the edge. And so be it.

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      3. Thinking critically though, for all the newly born lefty secessionists- YOU DON’T CONTROL THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION.

        NY and the North East is not the industrial juggernaut it once was. The standard of living created two generations ago is in steep decline. They produce nothing of substance and have nothing of value to present in trade for external support.

        The West Coast offers little else aside from the tech trade- which has been replicated far less expensively in many, many other places by smarter people than the shit that passes for brilliance these days among the cosmic crowd.

        In both cases, aside from warm water ports which other powers have little interest, these people have zero means of production. That’s the central problem with Marx- he left out a couple key parts of human nature (on purpose). Going beyond this fact, for an insurgency to form, external support is absolutely required.This comes from a quid-pro-quo relationship. These people have nothing to offer the world. Russia appears firmly behind Trump. China already owns most of the empty real estate in the US, and a physical occupation would be messy for little gain.

        The Left really needed this win. They screwed the pooch bigtime in their hubris. While this does not equate a victory, in the long run it will do well to root out the bad sectors of the body politic.

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      4. Mike Bishop


        Case in point. I literally just finished eating supper and watching the Soon-To-Be-Spinsters, along with their Pencil-Necked Cuck boyfriends marching on Trump Tower in NYC.

        Aside from the profanity-laden signs (we both know I have a mouth myself) was one that read, “America Was Never Great.”

        They are stacking their own stupidity on the pyre, and eliminating any and all buyer’s remorse for Trump voters. They’re too myopic to even realize it’s precisely that type of bullshit that galvanized people to proclaim that, “enough is enough.”

        Stuck. On. Stupid.

        There is, unquestionably, a huge potential for the radical left to become so brazen, as to sink themselves for generations through their own arrogance. We’ve had a solid 8 years of that already, and the Derp-Tempo has only increased.

        All traditional institutions have completely lost their credibility. Anyone with the time to burn could peel through WikiLeaks. The sausage-making process, hopefully, woke people up, but I personally had to hold-hands to get people to realize that, no, Virginia, this isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s a conspiracy fucking fact.

        P.S. Your Libertarian writeup was an absolutely superb, salient, and cogent analysis of the situation at hand. To hear that excellent work fell on deaf ears is massively disappointing. Trump was the biggest gift Liberty has been bestowed in a LONG time.

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      5. Mark my words- they absolutely WILL OVERPLAY THEIR HAND.

        I deal with this crowd daily; there is no redemption for them. Like the Khmer Rouge, they have but one solution for us. But they lack the fortitude, and like their C. Wright Mills-inspired elders, they expect their support to come from Latin America. They still think that, and are aiming as we speak to foment an insurrection along the border along with the inner cities. But the root can’t face us directly, and the old Soviet sugar daddy has zero interest in them.

        As for what I wrote- the compliments are much appreciated as always Brother. It got a bit of attention elsewhere, with the expected sour reaction. Suits me fine though.

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      6. Don’t forget the widespread voter fraud that happened. What is a miracle is that Trump won in spite of all opposition. Part of the opposition was from so-called patriots who would not vote for Trump because their “conscious” wouldn’t let them vote for what they called the lesser of two evils and the libertards who voted for Gary Johnson.

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  2. Trust me, I won’t forget. What I need to do is “let them go,” by that I mean, quit trying to point out what fools they’ve made of themselves, not to mention the Trust between us that they’ve effectively killed.

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      1. Mike Bishop

        I still think CGI/CF is a KSA-cutout.

        Disclaimer: The statement above is a Conspiracy Theory.

        I don’t have the time, nor the skills, to prove it in a court of law.

        I mostly have hunches, and a couple of raggedy threads.

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