Gauging Interest

IMG_0679The good folks at 144:1 are requesting the interest level in a Resistor IR patch. They’re gonna be a little more expensive than the usual patches due to the material, but well worth it especially for y’all running STANO gear. Not only that, IR patches just look cool.

Leave a comment or send them an email direct at:

Second bit of info- there’s a Signals & Intelligence Collection class that I’m putting together that will likely take place in the late summer. How would you run a Listening Post (LP) in the field? The RTO course focuses on how to build an improvised radio network for a small group off-grid locally and regionally; this class will focus on intercepting and Direction Finding with common/off the shelf equipment people are likely to have. Like the RTO Course, it’ll be a two day class that’s mostly hands-on and no prior experience is needed.  It will however build on some of the concepts addressed in the RTO course. Let me know in the comments or by email if this is what you’d like to see.

And if your group is seeking private instruction over the summer months, the dates are lining up now. If interested email me at:


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  2. 144.1

    It looks like we have enough interest to do this.

    It would be a fitting 2 year aniv edition of the resistor.

    Thanks ncscout for posting this.

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