RTO Course Review From Some Tennessee Volunteers

This one is from an open enrollment course a couple of months back. Been running behind on a number of tasks- a lot of irons in the fire. That said however, time is getting short and there’s a logical conclusion to the uptick in belligerence we see from all angles. Use your time wisely. 


I’m writing this AAR in regards that anyone who may be riding the fence pin whether or not this class is for them or whether it’s even needed can make a honest decision. This was a come to Jesus moment for myself and my group, for a while now we’ve realized the importance of communication, listening, etc. Unfortunately we had done very little to improve on that. Like most, we’ve bought the Baofeng radio to be our squad level comm’s, so this was the basis for communicating on a team level for us. NC Scout keeps his entire class on a in a completely laid back atmosphere and teaches from a layman’s point of view. This made it so much easier to absorb information on a subject that seems to be intimidating. I had simply made a mountain out of a mole hill in this dept. NC Scout has plenty of “white board” time to allow you to compile your note taking, with much discussion accompanying this. We covered Theory and Principal on all topics, we each one followed by practical application, to me this style of teaching is “sealing the deal”, this just helps ya to get it. Another thing on a personal level with NC Scout was he didn’t act like a drill instructor, nor was he arrogant in anyway in his teaching, others make note. I really loved the figuring of antenna lengths and making antennas on the “super cheap”. Also seeing the antenna improve the radio by checking in on stations first, then checking again after adding our antenna, that was pretty awesome for myself. Might I add on a sidenote, we paid the extra money for accommodations on site and to have home cooked meals. This was money WELL spent, I mean well spent. The food was absolutely fantastic. Another thing this done for my group of guys was we could stay more focused on learning and not have to worry about where we gonna eat and where we gonna stay. When those kinda of pressures are removed, you can focus on learning. If you haven’t come to terms with communications, you need to, they are “ultra important”, as much important as your AR15. This class is designed to take the sting out of the learning curve and it does. I’ve attended several classes at this point with others and by far, NC Scout’s approach, layout and method are by far the best I’ve seen. One last thing, the ability to meet likeminded people from all over the nation was priceless. Networking and developing your auxiliary should be right there up at the top for you or your group, along with developing your SOP’s on radios and comm network. This class will excel both of those, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. May the God of Heaven and his son Jesus Christ bless you and keep you.


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