0241 Tactical Operator’s Pullover Jacket

During WWII the German Army maintained several interesting ideas concerning Light Infantry and Mountain Troops that were a natural evolution of the WWI 'storm' or shock troop tactic, which itself in many ways an outgrowth of the small unit thinking, many of which were rooted in European hunting traditions- one of which being the hooded … Continue reading 0241 Tactical Operator’s Pullover Jacket


I learned about the passing of Hognose of the Weaponsman blog, like most of you, yesterday morning. I'd like to send proper condolences to his survivors and pay a fitting tribute of sorts to him with the poster above. O'Brien, unlike nearly every outlet of today's internet, spoke with a rational nature regarding one of … Continue reading Hognose

Communications in a “Come As You Are” War

fm_24-12_communications_in_a_come_as_you_are_war Download and keep a paper copy somewhere safe. As we were discussing Common/Off the Shelf (COTS) gear being pressed into service and integrated with .mil kit, as is happening in other hot spots, having a decent reference (even if a bit dated) will be golden. Map out your Signal (S6) plan and your footprint. … Continue reading Communications in a “Come As You Are” War