Communications in a “Come As You Are” War

fm_24-12_communications_in_a_come_as_you_are_war Download and keep a paper copy somewhere safe. As we were discussing Common/Off the Shelf (COTS) gear being pressed into service and integrated with .mil kit, as is happening in other hot spots, having a decent reference (even if a bit dated) will be golden. Map out your Signal (S6) plan and your footprint. … Continue reading Communications in a “Come As You Are” War

Resolving the Clandestine Radio Question

Continuing on from this original question from Keypounder, several close answers were posted, and generally the logic was in the right direction. That being said, here's the correct answer: "You are the lead station operator in the Resistance receiving station mentioned in the first question.  You have received the message sent by the operator in … Continue reading Resolving the Clandestine Radio Question

Situational Awareness and Wargaming Your AO

The most important questions you should be asking right now are not the hypothetical or abstract simply naming 'SHTF!', rather, it needs to be rationally rooted in the MOST LIKELY and MOST DEADLY courses of action. In a meeting over the weekend, discussing the growing local antifa movement and (somewhat) wargaming/red cell-ing capabilities, the emergency … Continue reading Situational Awareness and Wargaming Your AO