Alumni Weekend

I've had a lot of inquiries about the Alumni Weekend on the Training Calendar. In short, its a laid back weekend of meeting other students you may not have had a course with, to re-connect with those you did, and to build on some follow on skills and share knowledge. We're going to be hitting …

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RTO Wisconsin-

Course starts at 0900. As a reminder, make sure you've got outdoors clothes because we're going to be in the field a lot, especially on the second and fourth days of the course. Also, bring a 32GB thumbdrive. Its optional, but you're probably going to want to bring one. I'll see you out there.

Redoubt Commo Class-

Just as a heads up, the range owner asks that everyone bring $40 to cover the cost of toiletries and propane on the site. Everything else is the same. I'll be on site tomorrow. See you in class!