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This is not a free speech zone. Here’s the rules:

  1. Ignorant, foul mouthed, or erroneous posts will be deleted automatically. If you cannot articulate a point without slurs or abusive language, don’t waste  your time.
  2. Run on topics, rants, or attempts to drift the conversation will be deleted, and your IP address will be banned from being able to comment.
  3. This is not a forum. I know this is a confusing point for some- don’t worry, I’ll help you- I have 100% discretion as to what goes up and what doesn’t; you don’t. What I allow in comments is a reflection upon me as an author. It will be run accordingly.
  4. I don’t care about your life story. Get to the point of your comment quickly or it gets deleted.

If your input has valid merit (which I know the difference, and so do you), if you have questions or request clarification, or you wish to bring a contrary opinion to the table within certain reason, I’m all for it. Follow the rules and the world will spin properly.


I have your IP address, and can find you, or at least get a rough bearing on you. If I can’t, I know a few who work in IT forensics who definitely can. Come here starting trouble you’ll find it.

If you want to act stupid, I’ll make you look the part.

Consider this your only warning.


Roger, Out.