Reference Library Downloads

Here’s a rolling list of some of the manuals and resources that have served me well over the years. Download, use and abuse. It’s better to have it on hand than in digits. All credit goes to the respective authors.


1996 – Fiedler – Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Communication

MCRP 3-403 Field Antenna Handbook

FM 24-12 Communications In A Come As You Are War

1991-12 Beverage Antennas

FM 101-5-2 Message Formats

SF Radio Training stp31_18e34

US Special Forces Antenna Manual

ITU Handbook on Emergency Telecom


FCC january_2016_spectrum_wall_chart


Spectrum_Use_Summary_Master 06212010

NVIS Directional Array

PRC-64 Test Report In Jungle Conditions


Soviet Signals Intelligence Manual

RAND: Open Source Signals Intelligence

Russian Interference With Radars

CIA Psycological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare

On Watch: Profiles From The NSA’s Past 40 Years

FM 2-22.3 Human Intelligence Collector Operations

USMC Signals Intelligence Manual


Kill or Get Killed

Night Training

FM 2-22-3 Human Intelligence Collector Operations

FM-31-20-5 Special Reconnaissance Tactics Techniques Procedures

1968 US Army Vietnam War Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols

FM 3-05.222 Special Forces Sniper_Training and Employment

FM 3-05.201 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations, 2003

FM 3-05-102 Army Special Forces Intelligence

FM 7-93 Long Range Surveillance Unit Operations

FM 23-10 Sniper Training

Special Forces Tracking and Countertracking

LTC Lester Grau: Russian Snipers in Chechnya

Ragnar Benson: Mantrapping

Rhodesian Combat Tracking

Waylays & Ambushcades

Fight-Win-and-Survive-on-the-Modern-Battlefield 27AUG2018

B-52 Recon Tips

General Survival Topics:

MCRP-3-02H-Survival Evasion and Recovery

Special Forces Caching Techniques TC-3129A

The Survival Nurse

Where There Is No Dentist

Where There Is No Doctor

Ragnar Benson: The Modern Survival Retreat

Nuke Report







6 thoughts on “Reference Library Downloads

  1. SM-18

    Looking at some of the field antennas, how do you make or source the 400-600 ohm connectors?

    Thanks for all your knowledge and teachings!


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