Training Calendar

Open Enrollment Dates

***POLICY CHANGE AS OF 24 MAY 2020: Full Course Fees are due up front at time of reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.***

Unless otherwise noted, courses are held at our training site in NC. This list does not include private training dates. NC training site is available to groups for private training sessions. To see a detailed description of the courses listed, check out the Training Courses page. For questions, class inquiries and requests, contact me direct:

Summer / Fall 2020

RTO & Advanced RTO Course: 25-28 June / Wisconsin / $600

Fighting Carbine (Day and Night): 11-12 July / North Carolina / $400 / Course Full

RTO Course: 1-2 August / North Carolina / $300

Tracking Course: 14-16 August / North Carolina / $400

Fighting Kalashnikov: 29-30 August / North Carolina / $300

Scout Course: 4-6 September / North Carolina / $400 / COURSE FULL

Scout Course: 11-13 September / Wyoming / $500

Redoubt Communications Course [RTO,  Advanced RTO & Signals Intelligence]: 15-20 September / Wyoming / $300 per course, All Three $800

Fighting Carbine: 17-18 October / North Carolina / $400

Scout Course: 23-25 October / Tennessee / $400

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3): 7-8 November / North Carolina / $400

RTO Course: 14-15 November / North Carolina / $300

Alumni Weekend: 21-22 November / North Carolina / $100

Advanced RTO: 5-6 December / North Carolina / $300





214 thoughts on “Training Calendar

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      1. mark gurley

        i guess i am late to be prepared as far as fighting a war, i just joined springs road shooting range in hickory NC. i beleive in GOD and prepared in that way. i am worried there isnt enough time left to prepare..what groups is there i can align myself with that can help me?



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  19. NCborn

    Scout found you guys about the time you started the podcast, have listened to them all and appreciate the info. I have my first suppressor in jail and waiting for my stamp. Was wondering if you might touch on suppressor use and the pros and cons of running wet vs. dry. I’ve never taken a carbine class and hope to accomplish that in the next year.


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