Training Calendar

2018 Open Enrollment Dates

Unless otherwise noted, courses are held at our training site in NC. This list does not include private training dates. NC training site is available to groups for private training sessions. To see a detailed description of the courses listed, check out the Training Courses page. For questions, class inquiries and requests, contact me direct:

Advanced RTO: 27-28 October / North Carolina / Course Full

Battlefield Surveillance & Intelligence Collection Workshop: 17 November / North Carolina / $100

Signals Intelligence & Radio Recon: 1-2 December / North Carolina / $200

2019 Dates:

RTO Basic: 26-27 January / North Carolina / $200

Kalashnikov Carbine Basics: 9 February / North Carolina / $200

Recon and Surveillance Team Course: 23-24 February /North Carolina / $300

Squad Designated Marksman Workshop: 2 March / North Carolina / $200

RTO Basic: 23-24 March / North Carolina / $200

First Line Course: 6-7 April / North Carolina / $200

Primitive Skills Workshop: 27-28 April / North Carolina / $300

RTO Basic: Late Spring / Hamilton, Montana / $300



26 thoughts on “Training Calendar

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  3. John Sampson


    I am interested in attending your RTO Basic on Oct. 13-14 in NC. Don’t know what to expect, specifically if my age (I am 75) and lack of stamina would adversely affect the rest of the class. I am not as fit as I was 20 or 30 years ago, and I’m afraid no amount of determination on my part is going to reverse the aging process. Yet I value Liberty highly and have been a prepper for the last 20 years or so. Need to hone, among other things, my comms skills. Thanks in advance for your reply.


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    1. I just got your email- I’m sending you a reply there also. That said:

      My classes are open to anyone, of any age and experience level. The more physically demanding classes (SUT, medical and survival oriented) may be a challenge, but I’ll never place a student in either a potentially dangerous situation or anything outside of their capabilities. The RTO course is purposefully a more relaxed environment for many reasons including the very ones you’ve pointed out.

      Everyone brings something to the table- and my aim is to develop and refine those skills. So I urge you to come out. You will certainly gain skills you can take back to your family or group that are simple to replicate when needed.

      You won’t experience ego, yelling, boot camp treatment of any student, talking down to anyone or acting as though your time is not worth mine. Others may think that’s expected in training- it’s toxic and the mark of a bad instructor and leader. Every student will be treated with the utmost respect and professional conduct. No question is silly, no concept too mundane, no person left behind and absolutely no nonsense.

      Again, come on out. I’d love to work with you for a weekend.


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  12. MW

    Are you going to be offering the AK & RTO courses in mid to late 2019 there in NC? I’d have to drive through rural KY & TN to get there & no telling what the weather will be like in winter.
    I’ve ordered a couple of the V-3 patches & they’re great looking!

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    1. Most likely. The open enrollment scheduling depends on a lot of other factors outside my control, but at the moment they’ll probably be another AK course and for sure a couple open enrollment RTO Courses later in the year.


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