Training Calendar

Open Enrollment Dates

Unless otherwise noted, courses are held at our training site in NC. This list does not include private training dates. NC training site is available to groups for private training sessions. To see a detailed description of the courses listed, check out the Training Courses page. For questions, class inquiries and requests, contact me direct:

2019 Dates:

RTO Basic: 26-27 January / North Carolina / $200 / COURSE FULL

Recon and Surveillance Team Course: 23-24 February /North Carolina / $300 / COURSE FULL

Squad Designated Marksman Workshop: Rescheduled Due To Flooding  / North Carolina / $200 / COURSE FULL

RTO Basic: 23-24 March / North Carolina / $200 / COURSE FULL

First Line Course: 27-28 April / North Carolina / $200

Signals Intelligence / Low Level Voice Intercept: 4-5 MAY / North Carolina / $200

Squad Designated Marksman Workshop: 18 May / North Carolina / $200

Advanced RTO: 25-26 MAY / North Carolina / $200

Basic Tactical Combat Casualty Care: 1-2 June / North Carolina / $200

RTO Basic: 15-16 June / Hamilton, Montana / $300


Fall 2019

Basic Human Tracking: 7-8 September / North Carolina / $200

RTO Basic: 21-22 September / North Carolina / $200

Recon and Surveillance Team: 5-6 October / North Carolina / $300

Kalashnikov Basics: October / North Carolina / $200



102 thoughts on “Training Calendar

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  20. Chris

    I just got to read a small Article you wrote and I wanted to say thank you… your classes have my interest for sure.. I was wondering about training again I am still recovering from a TBI and Post Concussive syndrome and I have lost over 1/2 my life I still have my Gear and weapons and it all feels very familiar but the knowledge that I had just is not there anymore I have people I went to school and or Served with that I just don’t know I mean like I never met them before and its been hard the last couple years not sure where to start again… again thank you I will be reading more of your stuff and really am wanting to take the RTO and advanced RTO as well Godspeed Sir

    Liked by 1 person

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