Training Calendar

Open Enrollment Dates

Unless otherwise noted, courses are held at our training site in NC. This list does not include private training dates. NC training site is available to groups for private training sessions. To see a detailed description of the courses listed, check out the Training Courses page. For questions, class inquiries and requests, contact me direct:

Fall 2019

RTO Basic: 26-27 October / North Carolina / $200

Fighting Carbine: 2-3 November / North Carolina / $200

Urban CQB: 9-10 November / New Jersey / $300

Advanced RTO: 16-17 November / North Carolina / $200

Signals Intelligence / Low Level Voice Intercept: 7-8 December / North Carolina / $200

Spring 2020

RTO Course: 11-12 January / North Carolina / $200

Land Navigation: 1-2 February / North Carolina / $200

Fighting Carbine: 22-23 February / North Carolina / $200

Privacy, Security & Anonymity: 7-8 March / North Carolina / $200

Scout Course: 27-29 March / North Carolina / $400

Advanced RTO Course: 25-26 April / North Carolina / $200

Redoubt Communications Course [RTO, Advanced RTO & Signals Intelligence]: 9-14 June / Wyoming / $300 per course, All Three $800





145 thoughts on “Training Calendar

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  2. RTO Basic: 15-16 June / Hamilton, Montana / Open Enrollment Full, Walk-Ins $350 –

    Does this means walk-ins accepted? or Walk-ins full, as well? I’m in Eastern Oregon and would very much like to make this – KI7YTP, new General, re-learning everything forgotten after 50+ years (WN4/WB4OXW, 1968…. )

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  3. Keeley baldwin

    I am signed up for this up coming weekends class and have not received any information regarding what time the class starts and when it ends

    What i should bring regarding food and water
    what I should where ect

    any info you can provide would be a great help

    thank you

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    1. Gene, it’s open to anyone and everyone. We’re going to have more details moving forward, but the courses are going to be held on a very large tract of private land with lodging on site.

      These are going to be more field-oriented than the last iterations of classes I’ve done out West due to the venue. I’m really excited for these and I think everyone who makes it out is gonna get a lot out of it.


  7. Mike

    Any chance of being able to tack on another class (tracking or field oriented class) to your Wyoming class? I’d like to make it up but a two class period would make it all the better because my chances of visiting NC right now are pretty slim.
    Thank you for your time.

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