Training Courses

Listed are some of the training services I offer individuals and groups. These classes, based upon personal and practical experience in the topics covered, are offered to the Prepping/Survivalist community outside of the paradigm usually taught. Aside from these and the future classes to be listed, I can tailor a class to your group’s specific needs and abilities per request. Forward all inquiries to:

RTO Course: $200 per Student

This class will teach students the basics of communications at the Team or Squad Level in the field. Topics of instruction include:

  • Identifying Equipment Requirements
  • Writing a Signals Operating Index
  • PACE Planning for Communications
  • Basic equipment capabilities
  • Traffic handling
  • Improvised antenna types, uses and construction
  • Setting up and running an NVIS HF station
  • Message Formats
  • Setting up and communicating from a Hide site

Two day course will culminate in an field training event running a TOC station and Hide site in the field. Students will each build an antenna and demonstrate competency in team communications basics during the field exercise. Amateur Radio license qualification is helpful, but not required. This is NOT a ‘ham radio’ class but each student will come away with a basic understanding of a team’s communications needs in a tactical environment and how to best meet them under less-than-ideal circumstances. No equipment is required for this course; however, if students want to get field practice with their own gear, it is highly encouraged but done so at their own risk. Instruction is completely off-grid.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care: $300

Two day course covers the basics of Tactical Trauma Response for a tactical team, centered around the components of the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). The training is geared towards those with limited or no previous medical experience in order to effectively treat Small Unit Tactics-related trauma. During the course students will learn and demonstrate proficiency in:

  • The components and implementation of a proper IFAK
  • Evaluating and treating a battlefield casualty
  • Types and Uses of Tourniquets
  • Uses of the Compression Bandage
  • Moving a Casualty in Combat Conditions
  • Preparing and Securing an Extraction Site
  • Preparing and Sending the MEDEVAC Report

This is an intense physical course, especially on the second day. Students should evaluate their physical condition prior to attending.

Scout Course $300

This multi-day class covers the basics of scouting and reconnaissance for irregular or unsupported forces. The course is directly applicable to those seeking homestead/retreat security and those working in small teams or groups. Course will focus heavily upon creation and emplacement of hide sites, personal camouflage, optics and observation techniques, range estimation and practical range cards, movement techniques, target acquisition, and the tactically sound ambush. By the end of the course, students will demonstrate abilities required for functioning as a buddy or fire team to effectively protect a retreat.


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